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The fourth Element of the novel, prepared as science-fiction speculative genre, normally takes location in 2099. It tells the Tale on the transformation from the grandmother's particular story into a well known, famous fantasy referred to as "girl & rat" whose a variety of versions, together with its origin, have been misplaced. The protagonist of the aspect - Lima Energelly, an anthropologist who lives Later on - is trying desperately to uncover them.


מיכל ערב טוב ומבורך. תודה רבה מכל הלב על העזרה שהענקת לי.

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בזמן שחזרנו הביתה מהעבודה אצל רייכסמן סיפר לי, את הסיפור הזה, אני לא אשכח מהר.

הסיפור האישי שבתחילתו של הרומן נכח בתודעתה של הדמות, הפך לנחלת הכלל, ומרגע זה, סולף והזדייף.Deciding on the science-fiction modus outlines the future of such a private Tale within an indifferent and cruel Modern society. This permits the writer to handle not just the abuse problem, but also the systemic part inherent in every single rape situation. The non-public Tale, which for the opening in the novel is perceived in the grandmother's intellect, gets widespread understanding and from that time it truly is distorted.

Hello Deror avi, now the thing is how misleading Google translate is — this time from another aspect ;) Even if the English location and German Platz seem to be similar, they may have a special meaning.

ארעה שגיאה בזמן פרסום תגובתך. אנא בדקו את חיבור האינטרנט, או נסו לפרסם את התגובה בזמן מאוחר יותר. אם הבעיה נמשכת, נא צרו קשר עם מנהל באתר.

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This new editing procedure may possibly turn out to be out there to be a Beta Element on desktop units in October 2016. You could read through concerning this venture inside a basic status update to the Wikimedia mailing list. Let us get the job done alongside one anotherעריכה

Men are always in a ruling dominant position, though Women of all ages are managed via the males, getting subjected to Guys's subordination:

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